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Death, Burial and Resurrection-New Birth

A teaching of the new birth using the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

Most people that claim to know what the Gospel is, do NOT!

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Three Questions for the Trinity Baptizer


Three Questions for the Trinity Baptizer

Please answer these three questions so that the oneness people that baptize in the name of Jesus Christ may know your thoughts and feelings. Thank you!

    • 1. Since your argument regarding the trinity water baptism is taken from Matthew 28:19, what verse in the Bible would you use to teach your baptism if there was no Matthew 28:19 (If Matthew ...
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New Testament Salvation

This sermon will give you clear understanding on God's simple plan of salvation.

You will learn how to be saved and born again the New Testament way.

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Jesus and the Manger

This teaching done the day after Christmas will be a blessing to you as it reveals how Jesus came to earth. ... << MORE >>

The Need of the Holy Spirit

Some are teaching that the Holy Ghost is an optional gift. In this video, Pastor Charles Rhodus is teaching about the necessity of the Holy Ghost and how and when it is received.We believe that you will be blessed and enlightened as the scriptures are taught in truth!
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Sister Charlotte - Abused Nun Story, Audio

Cloistered Nuns of the Church of Rome: A story of abuse.

A must listen! This former Nunn reveals serious sexual and physical abuse in the convent! A powerful true story!!!

Part One's%20testimony%20I.mp3

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To Whom Did Jesus Pray? / Why The Thief on The Cross Did Not Need to be Baptized

Watch Pastor Charles Rhodus via video give a clear Biblical explanation of two important questions.

If Jesus is God, then why did he pray and whom did he pray to?

How was the thief on the cross next to Jesus saved seeing he was not baptized? There is a Biblical answer. He was saved without being baptized but you cannot be saved without the correct water baptism!

Matthew 28:19 Explained

In this video teaching Matthew 28:19 is explained in detail. Matthew 28:19 is th be obeyed by all! Jesus in his unique way of teaching gave a command in this verse for the entire world. In this teaching you will learn how the thief on the cross next to Jesus was saved without water baptism.

Mighty God in Christ

In this video "Mighty God in Christ", Pastor Rhodus teaches how that Christ and God are one. Trinity advocates and Oneness alike can learn from this all important teaching!

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Jesus Name and Water Baptism

Watch this short video on the name of Jesus and water baptism.

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